A Simple Change that makes
a Significant Impact

Removing grass clippings from our waste stream could open up space in our landfills, extending their lifespan and saving us ALL money...
but what do you do with all of that cut grass?

Research Trips & Interviews

Eagle Parks & Rec Presentation

We brought several different leaders together to get feedback on the solutions we are proposing. Joining us were:
•Mayor Jim Reynolds – City of Eagle
•Mike Aho – Dir. Eagle Parks and Rec
•Matthew Jones – Summer Lawns
•Konrad McDannel – Republic Services


Republic Transfer Station

When we went to the transfer station, we learned that our original “problem” idea, the recycling of #7 plastic CDs and DVDs, was actually not a problem. Since plastic discs were no longer a problem to be solved, we asked the question, “What is your #1 problem?”

What we learned is that…

Ada County Landfill

In order to see where it all ends up, we made a trip to the Ada County Landfill.

During our trip, we saw piles among piles of compostable items. There was a pile of leaves, grass, dirt and sod almost 3 cars high. There was also a pile of bagged leaves…


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Be "In the K.N.O.W."

Become a "Knowb4uthrow Advocate" with your local service provider!

By using our materials you can take the KNOWb4uThrow message to your community through our website, PSA, and waste cart decal!

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A Special Thanks For the Research & Development Help From:

City of Eagle
Republic Services
Scotts Lawncare Tips
Idiofrog Creative & Design